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Electric Motorised Blinds for East and West Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Your Guide To Motorised Blinds

We provide motorised alternatives for all our window covering solutions as an added convenience. These options include battery-operated or hardwired mechanisms which can be managed by means of a handheld remote or wall-mounted switch, nullifying the need for unsightly cords. The blinds may be programmed to cater to your personal preferences and may be controlled either individually or collectively. More impressively, some of our motorised systems could even be accessed through a dedicated application on your smartphone or tablet, thus giving you the user full control over your blinds or curtains from both inside and away from your home.

Somfy Motors and Accessories for Motorised Blinds

When it comes to motorised blinds, Somfy offers a comprehensive range of motors, automatisms, and controls. As certified Somfy Pro Experts, we can guide you through the options best suited to your unique requirements. Here are some key features:

  1. Motor Types
    • Somfy motors come in various types, each designed for specific applications. Factors to consider include the type of awning or blind, weight, and size.
    • Whether you choose hardwired motors connected to your mains electric or a rechargeable battery system, Somfy ensures smooth and reliable operation for your blinds.
  2. Tohama Switch:
    • The Tohama switch is an exciting accessory that enhances convenience. It allows you to connect your blinds through an app.
    • With the Tohama switch, you can control your blinds using your phone, tablet, Alexa, and Google assist devices. Adjust them effortlessly to suit your preferences and lifestyle.
  3. Smart Home Integration:
    • Somfy’s smart home solutions extend beyond blinds. They cover outdoor cameras, lighting, and more.
    • Stay connected and enjoy the benefits of a seamlessly integrated smart home system.
  4. Security
    • Blinds can be timed or sensor activated….Make your home look occupied whilst you are away!
  5. Somfy Guarantee
    • 5 year guarantee on all Somfy motors (guaranteed by Somfy)

Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, convenience, or enhanced comfort, Somfy has the right solution for your motorised blinds.

We aim to use Somfy Motors where possible with all the products that we supply.

If you purchased your blinds from us, then it is highly likely we can upgrade and fit motors to your existing system without the need for a new blind. Generally, this can be done on site but if not, we ensure a quick turnaround to minimise disruption. Don’t despair, there is also the possibility that we can still upgrade your blind if it was supplied by an alternative company!

Give us a call on 01323 509661 with any questions or to discuss your requirements.

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